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Custom created unique bridal bouquets & accessories made from metal.  Perfect for the alternative bride who wants to make a statement on her big day!

coper steampunk wedding bouquet

Each bouquet is hand crafted using a variety of different metals & finishes & adorned with crystals, pearls, flowers, even little gears!

Gothic Wedding Bouquet Black with Purple accents

Styles include Steampunk, Goth, Boho, Alternative, Romantic, Country & much more.  We have even made a few sets for game-themed weddings : )

Copper steampunk wedding bouquet with turquoise accents

Matching boutonnieres are available for the guys too: with as little or as much bling as you would prefer.  They attach just like a normal bout; with a long pin.

Steampunk copper wedding bouquet with silk flowers & crystals

Vintage silk flowers are an option.

copper & crystal bridal bouquet

We have lots of options to choose from, or request a custom arrangement to match the theme & style of your wedding & dress.  We have had clients send us pieces to include in their bouquet; like antique rhinestone buttons, ribbons, & vintage glass beads.

Unique metal alternative bridal bouquets.

For the above wedding: the bride chose to carry a "traditional (refinerii)" bouquet, & the bridesmaids got pomanders with matching purple crystals.

Metal wedding centerpiece of twisted wire

We can even create centerpieces to match; this client requested a silver bouquet & a "giant" bouquet for the table.

Alternative metal wedding bouquet in silver

Here she is with the bouquet; this one has just a light sprinkling of crystals & freshwater pearls.

Handmade wire bouquet silver

One of the great things about a metal wedding bouquet: you will have a keepsake of your big day that will last forever.  Display stands are available if you would like to keep yours on a shelf or table, or even in the garden : )

Twisted wire wedding bouquets

Above is one of our gamer-brides: her bouquet got a coat of blue transparent paint, with silver for the bridesmaids.

Unique metal wedding bouquets for the alternative bride

In the photo above; the bride chose to purchase one of our plain silver bouquets which she then took to her florist; for a new take on a traditional floral bouquet.

Copper and crystal steampunk wedding bouquet

Want to see more?  Check out our Bridal Boutique on Etsy.

Ready to talk details & options for your own bouquet?

Refinerii Bridal Features:


 Mich & Dan's gothic Transformers and cupcakes wedding


The the heck did you get into making wedding stuff??

Well, I kinda just fell into it on accident, lol.  Way back when; around 07/08 one of the galleries I displayed at decided make a tree for the Festival of Trees here in Boise.  She wanted to use all her artists; so she created a tree filled with tiny little paintings & photography.  Of course; myself being the oddball metals artist: she asked me to try & come up with a metal tree-topper.  I came up with 3 different options; all made from twisted aluminum wire & crystals.

Fast-forward a few months & another gallery; for some reason I can't remember, I had those tree toppers with me while moving some new work into the gallery.  Somehow, the owner & her assistant saw them & said: OMG! These are so cool: wedding bouquets?   I laughed & said no: tree toppers...but they were very insistent that I could sell them as alternative wedding bouquets.   I let that simmer for another few months & finally took a few pics & put them on my Etsy shop.

I sold one the first month, then a few I decided to make more with different crystals, pearls, etc and add in some copper wire.  Pretty soon I was getting orders every month & not just for single bouquets: I was outfitting entire wedding parties!  So; I went with it; still making my other metal creations, but the bouquets started becoming my most steady part of the biz.

It was great to be able to work on my metal projects, but then take a break every few days with the bouquets & play with sparkly, girly stuff.  Up until last year...

About mid-summer last year, the trophies (another niche I totally stumbled into) really started to take off.  To the point that the bouquets were taking the back-burner to the dismay of some of my clients: I couldn't keep up & was burning out fast.  I was at a point where I was considering just being done with the wedding side of things all together...  Until I chatted with a friend & fellow artist: she suggested that I find someone to take over that part of the biz.   Hmmm; not something I had really thought about: but it sounded like a good idea.

So, I though to myself: well I may as well give it a shot.  I put a little shout-out on FaceBook & to my surprise got a lot of interest.  I interviewed 7 lovely & creative ladies & ended up settling on Tonya: the very first one to come out & talk about it : )  We came up with a plan & I sent her home the next week with my huge roll of wire & some tools.

It's worked out great: she got to step into a creative biz that already had a presence online & some branding, I got to take a lot of pressure off my time & energy to focus on other projects.  We split the Etsy shop into 2 separate shops: the Bridal Boutique & Refinerii Studios where I continue to sell my metal work (mostly trophies these days).  She takes care of all the wedding clients (and does a much better job than I was doing) and is coming up with all kinds of new designs.  It's great!  We agreed on a commission structure that feels fair to both of us & the wedding shop gets to live on & I get a check in the mail every month that I did not have to put time towards.

We did a photo-shoot about a month back with all her new designs & we have another scheduled this week: I can't wait to see what she has come up with!   So; if you order a bouquet or anything wedding related; Tonya will take good care of you.

Moral of the story: sometimes it takes an outside perspective to come up with the right idea...

Thanks so much Lawless : )


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  1. Amazing photographs!! I loved these designer “Copper Wire bouquets”. This will look really great and will match with all the decoration of my wedding reception venue. Thanks for sharing the link to the website that sells these stunning pieces. I would definitely buy one for my wedding.