Garden Art

Garden Sculpture

Custom House Numbers

Garden Torches (these are 7 feet tall :)

Custom garden sculpture made from old tools: a memorial piece for a son who wanted to honor his father.

Wind-chime created from all recycled metal pieces

Custom Bird Feeder; recycled aluminum, copper, cable, steel, etc.

Custom -Steampunk-Planter: made from all recycled metals.

 Steel panels; mounted to make a mural on the side of a shop. 

If you have a custom project in mind; please send me an email; would love to discuss ideas: one of a kind creations for the garden are so much fun!    Anything is possible; planters, metal vine-growers, steel sculpture, water features, & more.  Even custom mailboxes, window-boxes & house numbers; art for the chicken house & even fencing :)

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