Unique hand-crafted & original awards & trophies custom designed for your event.  Made from mixed metals with accents in wood, stone, glass, & acrylic: the possibilities are endless!

custom metal trophies made from mixed metals

Steel, copper, & aluminum are the main components of most awards.  Each design retains a bit of the signature Refinerii industrial edge; although styles can range from elegant to Mad Max.

American flag trophies made from mixed metals

For color; we offer a wide range of transparent automotive paints that allow the custom polish of the metal to still be visible.  Matte colors available as well.

Mixed metal custom trophy

Metals can be left as is or treated with a custom polish for more added depth & movement.  The above design was commissioned by a copper mine : )

Cross-fit custom trophy

We have custom made awards for everything from fitness competitions to corporate awards....gaming tournament trophies, race trophies, & just fun gag gifts as well : )

custom stainless steel trophy

The "cube" trophy above was basically a small sculpture made of stainless steel.  We made 30 of them.

StarCraft tournament trophy in mixed metals

Event with low-lighting?  No problem: we can add LED lights to make your trophy glow; with a hidden battery pack so no cords for the photo-opps.

custom award trophy & medals

Smaller coordinating medals or thank-you gifts; no problem.

custom junk trophies

Designs from junk?  Yep; why not?  You can even send us specific pieces to incorporate into the finished awards.

custom steel trophies

Make your logo into an award? Sure : )

custom trophy with rainbow Peggle

We have even done rainbows & unicorns on occasion; the above trophy was made for a (kind of a joke) Peggle 2 tournament.  The next year we made an even bigger one for the Peggle 2 World Championship.

custom perpetual trophy made from steel

Large, perpetual awards are a favorite...

custom award medalions HearthStone

And, custom medals are always fun: the above medals were custom made for a HearthStone tournament. 

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The story...
I had made some custom trophies for a couple places in town for quite a few years; not really thinking much about it.

In 2012, Josh joined Refinerii; soon after we were commissioned with a rather large order of trophies for a local event.  The unique metal awards were a hit at the event & we got tons of compliments & inquiries.   After recovering from getting that first big order delivered & attending the event, we were talking about it & Josh asked me if I had any of the the trophies online in the store.  I was I guess I never really thought of them as a serious thing.  Do you really think people would be interested in metal trophies??  Yes! he said--they are really cool & unique & I think you should put some pics online & see what happens.

So, I did: I added a few listings to my Etsy shop for the trophies & blogged & facebooked, etc.  Within a short time, we had some inquiries.  And then out of nowhere a big marketing agency emailed me about making a trophy for a NASCAR race...what??  Of course we said yes, & it was one of our coolest creations to this day.  After that, more inquiries & requests & it has not slowed down!

At the beginning of this year, we had to basically make the decision to focus almost exclusively on trophies because we were getting so many requests: how did that happen?   We are currently booked months out & are making everything from film festival awards, to gaming tournament trophies, big perpetual company awards, and trophies for BBQ contests: it's crazy!
But, it's a lot of fun: most sets we get to custom design & for the most part, our clients  are really awesome to work with; most the time they let us just run with the ideas & trust us to come up with something unique.  It's like making tiny sculptures...and I don't mind that they are lightweight, lol : )

So; we will see where the trophy creation biz takes us.  We are still taking on some side projects & do have some other home decor things that we make as well.  Maybe someday I will get back into larger public art, but for now the trophies are the main focus & I'm not complaining ; )


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