Sunday, November 13, 2016

Serenity Comes Home

The very first large scale sculpture I ever made years ago is back home at last : )  We went & picked it up from Eagle a few weeks ago & put it up in a nice place where it's visible outside the front window.  I'm actually happy this one never sold--it's been out there for years at lots of different locations, but I think it's home to stay this time. 

This one (Serenity) stands over 7 feet tall, polished stainless steel, with cable, copper, concrete, steel, & crystal on top.  It was vaguely inspired by sailing ships; maybe even space solar sales from science fiction, & also the game Myst IV Revelations. 

The stainless base is 3-dimensional (I'll get some better pics) & I actually have a permanent scar from when I was doing the grind polish on it.  I went to turn the whole piece over--it was summer, so I was sleeveless with leather gloves on--the corner hit my forearm & burnt it pretty good...I think of my scars as tattoos, lol : ) 

Also some fun facts about this one; the concrete base came from Boise Concrete Sawing--they specialize in cutting concrete, stone, etc & this was a core from a project.  The pins that hold the concrete core in place came from the mine that my Dad works at (they were replacing the roller bearings at the time).  The cables are just because I like cable; also the piece has to be designed in a way that it could come apart in pieces small enough for a team of 2 to be able to load in a truck.  (At the time I did not have equipment for lifting heavy loads)  So, the stainless piece basically is held to the concrete & steel by the cable; turnbuckles tighten everything down & can be taken apart for easy transport.

Anyway; I'm sure the chickens will appreciate the new garden art, lol ; )


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