Friday, November 18, 2016

Gears of War Custom Trophy made from Metals

Another large tournament trophy for Gears of War---this one stands 16" tall & has many layers of 1/2 inch aluminum, including the lettering & the silver behind the outside gear design.  It's hard to see in the pic, but the trophy is very dimensional: the bolts that hold the Gears & War letters are over 3" long & just barely connect to the nuts on the back of the piece. 

The back of the piece has 2 triangular pieces that the trophy stands on; kinda like a book stand: from the front, the trophy looks like it floats, but it's really leaning back onto those 2 triangles that support the shield-like design.

The tournament takes place this November 25th-27th & will be live-streamed via Twitch: check out all the details via the link above : )


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