Friday, September 2, 2016

Vain Glory Custom Fabricated Trophies

Just shipped out a big (2' tall) logo trophy for a gaming tournament, along with a couple mini versions; the mini's will go home with the winners--the big one will go to the next tournament & will have the winner names added for each tournament.  This one was a struggle to be honest: parts were not available until the last minute & I spent the weekend & most of the week working to get it out in time.  Sleep deprivation aside, in the end it turned out pretty OK.  I'm not completely happy with how the big one came looks cool for sure, but I didn't have time to put a gold leaf or gold chrome finish on it like we wanted.

I'm really happy with the black on the base: super cool looking, with a bit of sparkle under the right lighting.  And I like the contrast of the white lettering.   The gold however; I had wanted to do a gold chrome finish, but there was no way we could do so with the time-frame plus parts being late. It still looks nice, but I wish I could have delivered what was the original idea.

The small versions are adorable!  And; fun fact-I used Harley pipes to make the outside round part of the trophies.  They stand 14" tall, & were not exactly easy to make--I find smaller things harder to fabricate than the big stuff.

The tournament takes place this weekend in Seattle & will be streamed on Twitch. 

Yay for a long weekend; I'm ready for a day off to recover ; )