Saturday, August 6, 2016

Drag Race Trophies

2nd year of making trophies for a drag-race called Outlaw Armageddon; this time we actually got some old engines from the scrap yard & took them apart, piece by piece.  It was tedious, but kinda fun in a weird way : )  Almost all the pieces on these trophies are from those engines; & I really like the skull shaped plaques that Josh came up with.   Making trophies out of recycled engine parts is fun, although a lot of clean-up time; the parts are usually covered in thick grease & it's a chore to get them clean enough to weld, then finish the pieces with wax or some sort of sealer after welding...

Anyway; I hope they like them as much as I do!!    Shipping our for their big event later this month : )   

PS: I'm sure our FedEx person that picks up our boxes hates us, hahaha