Sunday, August 7, 2016

Book Review, Railsea

Soooo; new to this blog, I'm going to be adding book reviews.  I read a lot; it's probably my favorite leisure activity--and reading outside whilst watching the chickens bounce around; even better.  So far this year, according to Goodreads, I have read over 80 books & I'm way ahead on the 100 books in a year challenge. 

Anyway; the first of many to come.  I read Railsea last week & quite enjoyed it.  I love anything that builds a world creatively, & this one was very original.  Post apocalyptic, but not in the usual way: giant rodents, Mad Max style chases & fights but with trains instead of cars, & a surprise ending.  The author as a very unique voice & sense of humor that kept me interested throughout the entire book.  I finished it in 2 days...and instead of relisting on Ebay, the book made it to my "keep" shelf for future readings.  

This is a YA title, but doesn't have much of the typical YA bull####.  It's a bit of a coming of age story of a young man who ends up on a wild adventure & figures out who he really is.  I would recommend this for anyone who has a bit of imagination.  Lots of page-turning action & a bit of Steampunk imagery on the side; all in all a fun read.