Monday, August 8, 2016

Book Review; Daughter of Smoke & Bone

So, this one was coming up again & again on Litsy, Goodreads, etc; so I finally gave in & ordered if off of Ebay.  I must say; I was a bit skeptical---having found a lot of YA titles full of way too much teenage silly drama, googly eye romances, & social justice issues shoved into a story that made no sense besides to shove in SJ... 

Anyway, this book did start out a bit slow; but about half way through I was hooked.  The main character is an artist type girl with blue hair attending art school & doing "errands" on the side for the only family she has ever known.  That family is a bit odd; having animal & human parts combined: the are chimaeras & live in secret through portals in major cities throughout the world.  It all gets pretty complicated when she runs into an angel (mortal enemy of chimaeras) & is for some reason drawn to him & trusting in his promise not to hurt her.  Much drama & backstory ensues, & the book ends on a cliff-hanger (of course).  About 2/3s through the book, I had already ordered the next 2 in the series, & I'm curious to see where things go from here.  

This is not a love-sick teenage woe is me tale; there are some pretty dark themes & choices the main characters have to make along the way.  Although there is a nice romance that might be a bit over the top, I was OK with it--curious to find out the backstories of the two main characters.  There is magic, other realities, weird creatures, & street performers who pretend to be vampires, hahaha. 

Overall; I would recommend this one to anyone who enjoyed Harry Potter, although it's more of an  older teen book or great for adults; not for young kids.  I'm looking forward to the next 2 books in the series & hope it continues with the great world building.