Friday, December 11, 2015

Custom Metal Sign for the Holidays

Just finished up a custom holiday sign project for an old high-school friend today; he commissioned it for his wife, who is a huge Kenny Chesney fan (no shoes nation is the name of his fanclub)   So, we re-created the logo in metals--the finished sign is just over 3 feet wide & will live on a wall in their game room.

We decided on a background of polished aluminum with the letters & logo in rusted steel for lots of contrast.  I wanted a darker rust, so after "cooking" the rust patina, I added some hints of black as well, before sealing everything up & putting it all together.

I'm really happy with how the rust finish came out; looks like it could have been sitting on the beach rusting forever, and then maybe thrown into a bonfire, hahaha.    I hope they like it; she is picking it up tonight!