Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Custom Trophies made for a Construction Company

For the second year in a row, a construction company out of New Mexico asked us to create custom trophies for their annual event.  They asked for a different design this year, as some of the recipients were the same as last year, and Josh came up with this new look:

Custom metal trophies black and silver

Made from steel, painted matte black, with polished aluminum accents: I love how these came out.  They stand around 10" tall & although it's hard to see in the photo; the criss-crossy pieces actually are layered & have quite a bit of dimension.

custom metal trophies

We shipped these out early this week; they should have them tomorrow; I'm curious to see how they like them, as they pretty much just let us run with it : ) 

Projects in the works over the next few weeks: 3 large custom signs, lots more trophy orders, getting ready for colder weather (lots of little winterizing projects) & sending our extra roosters to "freezer camp."  Plus, new tires for the truck, & a new computer for Josh--just in time for FallOut 4!