Thursday, September 10, 2015

Just completed: Covered Wagon custom metal sign

Just a quick share; today I put together this custom sign for a client who wanted us to re-create his logo in metals : ) 

custom covered wagon sign

Made from steel, with a custom polish & accents of candy-apple red.  The entire piece is clear coated for preservation of the grind pattern & the polish on the steel.  It mounts to the wall with 2 lag bolts & the detail pieces are spaced for a bit of dimension.

covered wagon steel sign

A fun little project : )  I hope they like it! 

Stay tuned for more updates; we have lots of orders stacking up; plus I need to update on the herd of birds: omg, the little turkeys are growing, but still so sweet & friendly!  Tomorrow 3 of the duckies are going to new homes; 17 ducks is too much!!

More to come...