Friday, September 25, 2015

Boise Film Festival Custom Metal Trophies; little film reels!

Earlier this year, we got a request to make some trophies for a local film festival; this was to be the first year & they were looking for some unique awards for the event.  After visiting with the event organizer, we came up with a film reel design: they were delivered yesterday just in time for the big event taking place this weekend here in Boise.  Check it out at:

custom steel film reel trophies

We had to stay within the first year budget & keep things simple, but I really love the way these came out : )  They are made from polished steel, with black painted steel accent for the film.  The base is a throwback to old-fashioned theater tickets.  The trophies stand just over 10 inches tall; a nice size for display in an office or trophy case.

Custom film reel trophies made from steel

I  hope the winners of the awards like them as much as we do!