Saturday, August 22, 2015

Retro-RocketShip Custom Trophies for the Aerospace Industry

The SC-Aerospace Commission has asked us to design trophies for 2 years; this being the 3rd.  We were told that the recipients of the awards many times  are the same from year to year & they have started looking at the trophies as a "collectors item" for their offices.  We decided to change it up this year; instead of abstract shapes resembling wings, etc; we had the idea to do retro rocket-ships....and if the idea was well received, we could design a new rocket-ship every year : )

We came up with a retro theme & cut all parts from steel; the front panel that has the portholes has a nice rust finish; we cleaned up the edges for a shiny silver look, but left the main rusty portion  to contrast with the background---which we chose a rainbow torch patina that came out mostly blue, purple, & some pink for a Nebula or Galaxy Space look.  The rocket booster part that attached to the base, we gave a copper plate to represent the fire of breaking through the gravity & atmosphere of our planet.

  These stand 15 inches from the base to the tip of the rocket-ship & are made completely from steel. We chose an infinity base with industrial hardware tying the whole trophy together.  Different patina finishes add color contrast for the different pieces.

I was very happy with the finished look; I hope they like them as much as we do!  I am now obsessed with Retro-Space imagery and we are considering a whole line of products around that theme!  What do you think? --chickens in rocket-ships?   Egg-Plants: Industrial Egg Factories (but not really---we like free-range birds)  Chickens in Space???   Turkeys on  Mars?  Ducks on the Space Station (they are now growing their own veggies).  Send me some ideas of what you would like to see us make for chicken coop/duck/turkey signs... we are very close to putting a lot a new ideas into production & would love some feedback!