Thursday, August 6, 2015

Chicken, ducks & Turkeys Update

Whelp; my workshop has officially been invaded by the birds...  We found Grey Chicken today in a crate of shop rags; sitting on 8 eggs.  Not sure how long she has been there; probably about a week.  Soooo; I will have her company for the next couple weeks until her eggs hatch, lol.  Chicken eggs take 21 days (usually) to hatch.  This is Grey Chicken's 2nd batch of eggs this year: she is a good Mommy chicken, so we decided to let her sit instead of taking the eggs away: even though we already have more baby chicks than we know what to do with...

broody hen in the shop

And...Gold Chicken the 2nd is also on her second batch of babies as well: she was stoically sitting on 3 little eggs: unfortunately 2 almost hatched, but did not make it.  We let her sit on the last one for another week & a half; no luck.  Fortunately; another couple of the hens had just hatched out some--but they were 1st time Mommy birds & kinda just abandoned the babies.  When we discovered 2 little fluffballs all alone, we decided to see if Gold Chicken II would take them; as she is an experienced hen.  Sure enough: all it took was putting them in the hutch with her & she called them over & they snuggled up under her feathers.   The next day, we found 4 more abandoned chickies:  & same thing; Gold Chicken II immediately adopted them & they are all doing great!  The last egg never hatched, so we did take it away so she was not tempted to just sit on it & let the new babies starve.   She is happy as a clam with her new little family & I'm glad we were able to re-home the abandoned chicks without having to resort to the brooder & heat-lamp : )

broody hen with baby chick

And, the baby ducks & turkeys are growing like weeds; especially the ducks!  They have been spending their nights in the brooder in the shop & days in their little run on the grass, but tomorrow we are planning on letting them free-range during the day & spend their first night in the duck house.  They have outgrown the brooder & the turkeys keep flying over the fence of the run anyway...time for them to fend for themselves (kind-of)  We will keep a close eye on them and make sure they don't wander through the fence; but I have a feeling they won't know what to think & will stay close : )

We have such a good time raising the birds; our property is pretty big, so there is lots of room for everyone to free-range.  And I love looking out the shop door or apartment window & seeing them all bouncing around & doing their thing out there: they are very entertaining...kinda a pain at times, but fun all the same.  The full-grown male turkey wants to come in the shop every time the door is open & I have to chase him out, but it makes me laugh : )  Same with Grey Chicken using a crate full of shop-rags as a nest: I can't even be irritated that she is going to make a mess. 

We had a busy day today & shipped out another order: I intended to share pics, but got totally distracted by the bird pics instead...  I will share trophy pics tomorrow maybe : )    Have a good Friday!