Monday, July 20, 2015

Quake III Sign in Metals

I had to share this one: it turned out pretty bad-ass in my (not so) humble opinion...

custom metal sign Quake III with mirror accent

This was a custom request from a couple in Germany for their gym: they have been so cool to work with & I LOVE the way the sign came out!  The logo is from Quake III (a game); and I absolutely am enamored with it!  For the red piece: I polished the steel, then painted it with a candy-apple finish.  In the light, you can still see the polish through the paint.

The background is mirror, with steel & aluminum gears.  All metal was cut by water-jet for maximum precision: a must on a design like this!  Thanks to Robo-Jet for the help on this one : ) 
Tomorrow, the sign will be making it's long journey to it's permanent home in Germany: how cool is that??  It's so fun doing projects for people on the other side of the world: I never would have thought we would be shipping things ; ) 
We have a busy week lined up: I will be updating as we go---we have new baby ducks & turkeys, as well as lots of projects in the works: stay tuned!