Monday, July 27, 2015

Custom Trophy & Matching Medals Made From Steel & Mixed Metals

Just finished this set up today; steel trophy with accents of polished aluminum, copper & mirrored acrylic along with matching medals.
Custom award trophy & medallions made from mixed metals.
I love the 3-D base that Josh came up with; very unique!  And I'm loving using pops of color against the metal; I think the green contrasts really nicely with the copper. 

The medals are about 3.5 inches in diameter & we included all the metals from the trophy along with the green.  This might be my favorite medal design so far...

Custom medals made from mixed metals by Refinerii Studios
This set was a custom request through Etsy; the client provided us with the logo & pretty much let us have free-reign on the design : ) 

We are gearing up to be seriously busy next month: a few big orders in the works, BBQ awards, film festival trophies (2 different festivals!) some Mad Max style awards for a drag race, & lots more!
Plus more updates on little duckies & chickens & turkey-birds ; )

Have a great week.