Saturday, June 6, 2015

Spring Chickens Update

So many babies!  We have little turkeys, ducks, & lots of chickies running a-muck : )  And more on the way; right now there are 2 more hens & 1 duck sitting on clutches!
Red Hen has 11 babies: about 6 days old---they have been out & about for the last couple days.  She is a pretty good first time Mom; except a couple times chickies got lost & I had to scoop them up & bring them back to the herd...I could hear them peeping even in the shop with headphones in, lol.

Black hen hatched out 8 a few days ago; this is day 3 for them; amazing that their little feathers are already coming in : )

That little red one is my new favorite; I can't wait to see how the colors come out as she (I hope it's a she) grows up--she has a very unique color that I've never seen in the babies we have hatched...

So tiny! And look at those feathery feet!

Grey Chicken has taken over being Mom for the teenage birds (she only hatched one).  They were all perched up on one of my supply racks: so funny ; )  I guess they like metal junk as much as I do...

Those 2 light colored birds are really pretty, but I think they might be roos.   Roosters have a good life around here, but short: we have learned over the years that more than one roo is not good: they fight & over-love the poor hens.  So: any roos will be separated as they grow up & will get their own mobile pen to range in until fall--then they go to freezer camp along with the turkeys.  Too bad for them; I'm really happy with our main roo & he will be the choice to stay.

Baby ducks got their first swim in the big pool.  We are down to 3 now--we lost quite a few the first week: maybe because this was the first time for mama ducky.  These 3 are growing like weeds, though & are strong & healthy : ) 
We have so been enjoying watching all the birds in the mornings & evenings: it's so funny to watch them all bounce around & interact.  Lots of squawking, peeping, & quacking...a maybe a few ruffled feathers : )  
And, as always: Gold Chicken demands her pets & treats; she is now the matriarch of the flock---her & Grey Chicken are the only originals we have now.  They are over 3 years old, but still vibrant & healthy---although Gold Chicken is getting a bit crotchety in her old age, lol

I'm hoping for a new hatch in the next couple days--and hopefully some more chicken colors : )  Hopefully we can increase our number of hens: we have been hovering around 10-12 for the last couple years: which is great for eggs for us, but I don't have any extra.  I would love to be able to have enough to make pickled eggs & give some away to friends & neighbors.  Crossing my fingers!