Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Brain Full of Tiny Gears Trophy Creation

A couple weeks back, we got a request to re-create a logo as an award.  The logo is a brain, full of little gears; a lot of little gears.

Here is the image they sent:

And here is the finished trophy
Custom made metal trophy with gears
I put together 2 of these today...even with the metal fabrication completely done, it took ALL day to sort, color, & mount all those itsy-bitsy gears.   I wonder if I will have nightmares plagued by little brightly colored gears, with little legs & matching colored swords...

And; the client might be ordering 20 more!

custom metal trophy gears
 The finished design does look pretty cool, though: hope they like it!

I've got some pretty exciting stuff coming up: fun new projects including signs & decor for 2 new office spaces of old friends.  Might be another Refinerii Bridal Boutique shoot in the works, and some super-secret side projects....

But for the rest of the night; R & D with some gaming (it counts; we make gaming tournament trophies........sometimes).