Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Chicken Herd Update

A quick update on the baby chickens; everyone is doing well & growing fast!  We also have 2 more broody hens sitting on clutches; each one has about 10 eggs: so we are crossing our fingers for more chicken babies!

Bantam chicken rooster hen chicks
They are big enough now that they are out exploring all day with the moms; slowly integrating into the flock : )

The RooRoo keeps a close watch on everyone--we got him early last spring & he has grown into a great little roo; he takes his patrolling & strutting very seriously : )

Bantam hen with chick
Grey Chicken hatched out a single baby; her little mini-me.  I can't quite tell yet if the baby is going to be grey like her, or black--time will tell.

Bantam chicken hen rooster
 Everyone has been enjoying the spring rains; lots of worms to find!

bantam chicken hen house
And; as usual Gold Chicken makes herself right at home...

bantam hen chicken
She jumped up on the couch next to me & chatted about the drama of living with 13 other hens...

bantam chicken hen inside house
But as soon as she saw the fridge open; she hoped on the door & demanded her treat of shredded cheese.   Spoiled bird; good thing she's so cute.

In other bird-related news; the baby turkeys are doing fine with their ducky brother, lol.  And; tomorrow we are going to have 2 Guinea hens join the herd!  haha; I have never been around Guineas; so it should be interesting : )