Sunday, May 24, 2015

Baby Ducks! Blue & Black Swedish Duckies

OMG: baby ducks!!  We have had a broody duck for weeks now, but had kinda given up hope that the eggs would hatch; as they were at least a week overdue; but tonight we looked in on her & found 8 little duckies with another just hatching out!
So adorable!  And she has another 4 eggs, AND: we have another broody hen sitting on at least 10 eggs; hoping for more little duckies!    These are a mix of black & blue Swedish; the hens are black; the drake blue; looks like we have about half black & half blue babies.  
They are cute, fluffy, & adorable; can't wait to see them out & about in the yard trailing after momma duck!  So cute!
In other bird herd news; we brought home 2 Guinea Hens; one of them has disappeared , but the other has stuck around for 3 days; so I think she is here to stay.  She is lonely though; loves to look at the mirror, as well as the front door or anything she can see her reflection in.  She has taken to hanging out with the male turkey...I think we may look for some more Guineas to raise from babies to keep her company; maybe in some different colors; she is really cute with her funny little peeps & clown makeup, lol : )    Guineas are supposed to be excellent bug eaters: even better than chickens: so we would love if she wants to stay here & patrol the garden : ) 
Happy Memorial Day Weekend.