Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Misc Project Pics & Farm Updates

Whew!  It's been a busy 2015...seems like its gone really fast, but at the same time: seems like the 1st of the year was forever ago...   We made the decision at the first of the year to focus almost exclusively on trophies, & the orders have not slowed down : )  It hasn't left a lot of time for blogging & updates, but I'm determined to get back into it: overhaul the entire website & blog fora more streamlined look as well as my own online store.  In the meantime, I thought I would share a few project photos & updates.

business card holder made from mixed metals custom logo by refinerii.net
Just finished up today; a commissioned custom business card holder--made from steel with polished aluminum that has a candy-apple red paint.  The client requested it for a good friend who just got his dream job as a football coach; the design is the school logo : )  Love the way it came out ; )

mixed metals trophy made for driveduracell.com by refinerii.net
Another project in the works; we are making trophies for a race series; we shipped out the first set a week ago, including the Duracell award above.

Custom Car Show Trophy made with Mixed metals refinerii.net
This is another in the set...  In total, we will ship out 11 more sets of 3 awards, plus and extra for the Duracell office (by special request ;)  

Custom metal trophy for the UK Hacker Olympics steel with mirrored circut pattern
And; one of our biggest & best to date: the cup created for the UK Hacker Olympics.  We shipped it out last week for the big event---love the way it turned out!!  30" tall, welded steel body with accents of polished aluminum & mirrored acrylic.  I also wired it with LED lights to give it a blue glow...check it out:
custom trophy with glowing led lights UK Hacker Olympics by refinerii.net
Josh designed this one completely; I just put it together.  It's awesome to be able to collaborate: he comes up with things I would never think of & the designs are getting better & better because of it : ) 

On the farm front; we found a pair of Royal Palm turkeys about a month ago & brought them home for a breeding pair.   And last week, we gathered up 13 turkey eggs for incubating (or neighbor has a big incubator).  Of course this week, the female turkey decided to lay at least 5 more eggs & is now setting on them; so we are going to have more turkeys than we know what to do with! 

We lost a female ducky suddenly; no idea what happened; she was fine one moment & not the next; so we are down to 4 Swedish black females & a Swedish blue male.  Still hoping that a female will go broody & hatch out some babies, but so far no luck...

On the list for work this week; designing the trophies for Miss Pole Dance America, some repeat clients, a big steampunk trophy, & another custom sign.  Plus; get the garden ready for planting...Wish me luck!