Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Farm Update--Baby Chicks!

Our first babies of spring : )  So adorable!
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Gold Chicken II is proving to be a good mama-hen, although she did abandon the other eggs as soon as these 4 cuties hatched.  It's her first time, though, so it's OK---we moved the remaining eggs under another broody hen, so hopefully they will hatch too : )

chicken, chicks, poultry, urban chickens, backyard chickens, hen
It's been tough to get any work done when I want to just watch them all the time, lol.  They are about 5 days old now; so getting really active--they have been out exploring the yard & it's fun to follow them around & see mama chicken showing them where to scratch & dust bathe.

chickens, chicks, chooks, hatch, urban chickens
All four babies are different colors; & it looks like the smallest is going to be Gold Chicken III--hope so!   Gold Chicken the First is our favorite; she comes inside to visit all the time & loves to hang out & take naps on the couch : )

chickens, chicks, backyard poultry, urban hens, chooks
We also have 13 turkey eggs in the neighbor's incubator at the moment; they are due to hatch tomorrow.  And; after we removed the 13 from the nest, the turkey hen decided to lay 6 more & sit on them!  So: by next week, we are going to be over-run with baby turkeys, lol.   I am going to have to sell some of the poults; we don't have enough space for that many big birds: so far 4 are spoken for.  Hopefully I can get it down to just the 6 that the hen is sitting on: that's plenty turkey for the freezer, a few to sell for Thanksgiving & 2 to keep for breeding.
And now; back to work...I'm so glad my shop has big roll-up doors that I can open during the nice days to watch all the birds doing their thing in the yard : )