Thursday, April 23, 2015

Bridal Bouquet--New Alternative Styles by Tonya

I wanted to share some sneak peeks at the new alternative bouquets that Tonya has been working on; she really has a flair for this & is adding in lots of Goth, Steampunk, & other options.

refinerii alternative metal bouquet goth black wedding roses perpetual
This is one of my favorites: love the Goth look--and the chains are perfect!

alternative bouquet bridal pearls metal rhinestones perpetual flowers
This one is very sweet; with pearls, & rhinestone brooches.  The metal is also painted a white pearl color. 
bouquet bridal metal alternative crystal pearl white wedding unique
Detail shot; love the crystals : )

copper bouquet wedding steampunk rhinestone alternative perpetual flowers offbeat-bride
And; the copper; perfect for a SteamPunk wedding.  Love the addition of the flowers; just enough to soften it a bit : )

alternative bouquet unique gold roses metal perpetual flowers offbeat bride Over-the-top-drama in pure gold... With trailing roses : ) 

There are more in the works & we will be photographing them soon (maybe even a full shoot with models on the horizon)   

All these bouquets are made with a base of metal wire, & adorned with flowers, paint, crystals, etc--we have even added little gears, nuts, & bolts to some...  Base metal of aluminum or copper.   A great alternative to the traditional flower bouquet: we have helped brides with all sorts of themes; from SteamPunk to Gamers, Dragon Flames & western--any bride who wants to make a statement. 

See them all at RefineriiBridalBoutique.  You can also request a custom set to suit your theme, colors, & personal preferences.  Matching boutonnieres for the guys are available, as well as pomanders/kiss balls for flower girls & more...

Please contact to discuss options : )