Monday, March 9, 2015

Works in Progress...

We had a busy weekend; got 500 medals polished up & ready for screen printing for one of our favorite clients; Major League Hacking.  As well as fab-ing up a big cup trophy for the UK Hacker Olympics: plus we had family in town--it was a busy weekend!!

The start of the UK Hacker Cup; it is made of steel; fully welded, then ground down to a fine finish; it will get paint, printed acrylic with LED lights to make it glow, & accents of polished aluminum.  We got a good start on it this weekend; welded, grind to a finish; weld again to fill any little imperfections, then grind again...still need to weld the pieces together & one last grind to prepare for paint.  This is going to be one for the books!!

And; the 500 medals; they were cut by water-jet & will get screen printed with a custom design by Rogue Design.  To ship out this week for more Hacker tournaments around the country & the UK : ) 

Also in the works: a big trophy for WarGaming.Net, some custom medals & trophy, plus a request for Lego themed trophies...  It's going to be a busy week!