Thursday, March 12, 2015

WarGaming.Net Trophy

This week, we built a large custom metal trophy for  We re-created their logo in 3-D using 1/2 inch aluminum & layers of painted steel & printed acrylic.  The finished piece stands 17 inches tall--this was a fun one : )

It came out even better than I expected: always a good thing : )

Here are some pics of the build

The rough pieces; straight off the water-jet; thanks to Robo-Jet in Meridian : )

Looking better after about an hour of grind & polish...

Initial layout; to make sure everything is going to fit correctly...

Final assembly; getting close!

And done!  Just have to wait for the epoxy to cure & it's ready for finished pics & then off to FedEx for it's ride to California : ) 

I love how the lettering came out: will definitely be using more thick material like this on future designs : )

Upcoming projects include a couple custom signs, funky trashcans, trophies for Miss Pole Dance America, medals for a dog show, & some other fun projects--busy busy!