Monday, March 23, 2015

The big Reveal--Industrial Farm Trashcans

Remember a few weeks back when I uploaded this pic & asked if anyone had any ideas???  Well, it's reveal time!
Some of the guess from Facebook include: medieval torture devices, weird trophies, table bases & industrial warrior helmets, lol : ) 
Ta-Da!  They were lids for custom trashcans/recycling stations : )  These were installed at the Boise Co-Op last weekend.   The smaller lids are actually recycled plow disks & I added all kinds of crazy fun farm/industrial accessories to them.
There are actually 4 sets: each unique.  Even though we had a hard time getting them done in between all the trophy deadlines; it really was a fun project.   Check them out next time you are down town at the Co-Op : )