Thursday, February 19, 2015

Peggle2 World Championship Trophy for Gamer's for Giving

Today, we finished up the Peggle2 World Championship Trophy: commissioned by Gamer's Outreach Foundation for their big event called Gamer's For Giving.  They asked for rainbows & unicorns & over the top Peggle fun: I think we did pretty good : )

The trophy has a welded steel base that got polished to a fine finish, & steel structural elements to support the graphic pieces.
After the main structure was done, the fun part began; adding graphics, rainbows, characters, & more...

The rainbow was made from steel that we polished & then painted with a transparent automotive paint.

Final assembly & tightening all the hardware...

and then: RHINESTONES!

Bjorn (the unicorn) has been be-dazzled : )  

And: all finished & ready to ship out to the big event : ) 

This is the 2nd trophy we have made for Gamer's for Giving Peggle Tournaments; always fun to step out the the serious designs to play around with color & sparkles ; )