Monday, February 9, 2015

Fabricated Steel Cube Trophies

We spent the weekend in the shop; the weather was amazing; feels like spring already!  We had all the doors open to the outside & got the watch the chickens, cats, ducks, & new turkeys parade by all day : )  But; the work had to get done...

There was much welding, grinding, polishing & finishing; an order of 30 trophies needed to be ready to ship out this week; so we made it happen : )  

The trophies stand 12 inches tall & are made of combination of stainless & mild steel.  Lot's of finish work on these; they were all polished to a shine : )

Each piece had to be polished: then welded; then polished again for a finished look; we used a combination of power tools (angle grinders with flap disks for steel) & pneumatic (air powered) grinders/polishers to get to the finished look.
They turned out pretty cool looking in the end; & will get black lettering on 3 sides of the cubes: then will be ready to ship out : )  

Next this week: Peggle2 Trophy (rainbows & unicorns), some random medals, a custom sign, & finish up the week with some really fun custom trash cans!