Thursday, January 29, 2015

SuperSmashBros Custom Trophies

On the way to New Jersey for the Apex Series SuperSmashBros tournament; 4 large steel trophies complete with LED lighting & matching medals in electric green.  

The trophy design looks deceptively simple; it was not simple to fabricate; fully welded & ground to a smooth finish for a nice clean look; I do love the way it turned out.  AND: for the first time ever, I did the wiring for the lights---with some help from Ray at RogueDesignSyndicate to get me started.  (Ray also did the design layout for the medals & the plaques on the trophies)  I'm hooked!  LEDs on everything from now on, lol : )  

The medals also came out great; love the bright color; I had to use a combo of transparent green with yellow over the top to get the right green; in real life, it's almost an acid green; pretty cool!

Thanks so much, again, to Robo-Jet for an awesome job on cutting parts; even extras at the last minute : )