Saturday, January 17, 2015

Custom Steel Trophies with a Hint of Blue

Steel with accents of polished aluminum & a pop of bright blue; these trophies stand 11 inches tall & we shipped out a set of 18 today.

Each trophy is unique in the color/pattern of the steel patina as well as the grind pattern on the aluminum.  I do love the way the blue contrasts with the rusted steel--it's a transparent paint, so you can still see the polish pattern of the metal.

The design looks deceptively simple; but it's not: lots of hardware & layers meant a lot of time assembling--but I think the end look is worth the time ; )  
I think this might become one of our standard designs that clients can order: we have been thinking about doing a collection of ready-designed trophies that we can produce faster & a bit less costly for clients looking for something unique, but maybe don't have the time or budget for a custom designed set.   I can see these with a pop of red, purple, orange or even a gradient of color in the little window.  

Anyway: on to the next project--coming up next week: big trophies for a SuperSmashBros tournament, a corporate set, & a custom trophy for the UK Hacker Olympics.  Plus: a sign & getting started on the WeLove weekend this week!