Sunday, September 14, 2014

Turkeys : on the way to freezer-camp

The turkeys have an appointment this week...   Along with the extra Roo's that have been in jail for the last 2 weeks....   The Turks have been really fun to have around; they are sweet & curious & hilarious; all at the same time : )

 They are convinced that they are ducks: since we raised them with the boy-duckies this spring.
They like the sprinkler, the irrigation ditch, & the duck-pool--I think because they like to hang out with the boy ducky that was raised with cute!

We ended up with 4 male turkeys: they are the broad-breasted bronze; the biggest of the big turkeys; bred to put on lot of weight in a short amount of time.  I would never get this breed again: they are cute, but it's obvious that they can't handle their own weight. They struggle to walk; one can barely get around--I think this sort of breeding for turkeys & meat chickens is cruel: I will never raise this breed again. I feel that it's doing them a favor to put them in the freezer: & that is not what I want...

 We are hoping to find some heritage breeds to keep next year: a breeding pair that can stay with us---we can sell the eggs/and/or poults  in the spring.  But we do not want to see another set of birds suffer: if these turkeys were not obviously suffering we would keep them around, but  they can hardly walk---even though it's hard to admit: I think they need to go: I think it is the right thing to do---they are just going to get worse....

 I know that they had a very good Turkey life, but it's still hard: they have been a part of our everyday urban farm life & I'm sorry to see then go...I have hated to see them suffer & will never choose that breed again.   Turkeys or chickens that have been bred for nothing than meat production: it's  cruel,  & I  do not wish to be a part of it any more.