Friday, September 12, 2014

Boise's World Trade Center Memorial

Today, we finished up the Boise World Trade Center Memorial; a project that was started over 2 years ago.  There were some last minute changes, things that went wrong, & a lot of hours of hand drilling stainless steel, but it is finished...and I'm so grateful.
I was so honored to be a part of this project: I was invited to join a design team by Jensen Belts to submit a concept for this project over 2 years ago...our design was selected from a group of other firms who applied for the contract.
We had more than a few late nights this week, but it was worth it to see this project completed on 9/11.
As we were working today, we had more than a few visitors stop by the park to see the progress & share their memories of that day 13 years ago.   From the beginning, this project was a bit surreal; but today was humbling--we met some that personally knew those listed on the First Responders' names wall.  Some brought flowers in silence & some wanted to share their personal experience of that day.

 Our wall lists over 400 first responders: 343 Fire Fighters, as well as EMTs, Police, and others who gave their lives in hopes of helping others.

I am grateful to have been part of this project: one of the most significant in my career as an artist.

The Memorial is located off Shoreline Drive in downtown Boise; near Shoreline & Americana Blvd.  in River Side Park.  The sculptural element is an actual piece of structural steel beam from the WTC Ground Zero.  It is displayed in a series of stainless steel rings; at eye level, with recycled concrete paths leading up to it for close viewing.  There is also a steel wall with over 400 of the First Responders listed in polished stainless steel.

Thanks so much to everyone involved; those who dedicated funds, labor, or services to see this project in place: we could not have done it without you!