Thursday, July 3, 2014

StarCraft WSC America 2014 Trophy

Another build share; this one for the StarCraft World Champion Series American finals; the tournament will be happening this weekend; July 5th & 6th in California.
This trophy was made of aluminum, steel, printed acrylic & has LED lighted accents.
It stands about 17 inches tall & features imagery from the game.
 I love the fact that it glows; it plugs into the wall for permanent display for the winner: I want to make one for our own personal game room--too cool!  
We did a little spotlight in the bottom, with 2 smaller ones on the plaque; they illuminate the main plaque perfectly!   I am really liking the contrast of the perforated steel & the rainbow colored steel accents; it was a bit of a departure from the original vision, but I'm glad we went with it : )
The polished aluminum pics up the light nicely; it's a great contrast to the steel & acrylic.
 Another great build for the books; thanks to the whole team; Ray at Rogue Design Syndicate, David Ultis for the wiring, Josh Klinsky for the CAD files & design details, Mark Olson--thanks for the amazing aluminum welding skills, & The Sign Center for printing/cutting on a tight timeline!  I couldn't do it without all the help!
I can't believe that my R & D these days consists of playing games; yes--been making my way through StarCraft 2 for inspiration for the next one---I'm not very good, but it's sure fun!
Happy 4th!
Tune into Twich TV WCS America Chanel this weekend to watch the live feed; the top 8 will battle it out for the trophy & cash prizes : )