Monday, June 16, 2014

StarCraft Trophy for Red Bull E-Sports

Just wanted to share; the latest trophy shipped off today to Santa Monica for Red Bull E-Sports; 
a  20" tall steel, aluminum, & acrylic trophy for a StarCraft tournament : )
It has LED lighting; flashing lights at the base, with glowing lights to illuminate the Red Bull plaque, as well as the lower portion of the "fins."   I think it will look really perfect for a tournament; as the lights are always low for gameplay : )

I'm so loving the lights!  Thanks so much to David Ultis for helping us out with the wiring!  He is also the genius behind lighting the Major League Hacking trophy, as well as the first StarCraft trophy we made last year : )  So much fun!  I'm loving coming up with crazy, over the top concepts for these awards--and they are so much fun to build!

More to come : )