Thursday, May 1, 2014

Trophies, fountains, & chickens

What a week this has been; long days & lots of work....
We shipped trophies out to California today for a motorcycle race; honestly--we barely got them done in time; I was considering buying a plane ticket to get them down there tomorrow!  But, they were done with only 15 minutes to spare at FedEx; thank goodness they were willing to pack them up in a hurry for us : )
They looked really good when done; the 1st place is 24" tall, & the sprocket pieces on the top spin on all of them : )  Pretty cool; I hope they like them!

We spent the early part of the week out in Nampa working on a fountain that will be installed next week; I'll get some pics then; it is going to be gorgeous!

In the chicken/duck/turkey department; everyone is growing like weeds--they are all free-ranging now & loving it : ) 
The teen-age chicks in the rain; poor Polish look pretty pathetic, lol : )

The 2 mama chickens & 14 babies; they are out & about all day; so cute to see the tiny chicks running around!  We are going to have a surplus of chickies this year though; there are 2 more hens sitting on clutches right now!  Omg; the cuteness is more than I can handle...

Hoping to spend some time in the garden this weekend; tomorrow I have more trophies to get out the door & a few proposals to finish up; no rest for the wicked!