Monday, April 21, 2014

Custom Metal Trophy for CAT

Just finished this one up today; it was commissioned by Peterson CAT/International--a perpetual trophy that will be passed around northwest dealerships : )

Over 22 inches tall, made of steel & polished aluminum, with wood accents.  The winners will get plaques that will go on the wood base.

I hope they like it: they gave me an idea & we just ran with it: got a bit carried away (as usual).  It's definitely unique ; )

This is the back; I love how the cutout patterns look...& the color of the wood : )

This will ship tomorrow for their big event early in May: I'm anxious to hear what they think of it; I just sent pics to them...hope they don't tell me to start over, lol ; )

Things are as busy as ever; we have tons of contracts lined up for this summer, I just committed to making a new large-scale sculpture for an invitational competition in Eagle, and tomorrow we are visiting a local CSA-Peaceful Belly to chat about a custom sign.   Not to mention some new additions to the landmarks at Kleiner Park, a custom fountain we are building right now, & finishing up the WTC Memorial at Riverside Park.   Plus, the new chicks, ducks, & turkeys...and tonight I discovered not one, but two more broody hens sitting on piles of eggs!

Happy Spring!