Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Peggle2 Trophy--rainbows & unicorns & sparkles!

A couple weeks ago I got an email requesting a trophy for a Peggle2 Tournament.  Not having any idea what Peggle is all about, I did a google search for they popped up, I started giggling.
Bright colors & cartoon-like images are not my thing; but I was just musing about wanting to do more whimsical projects.  So, I said yes : )
And this is how it turned out : )  It looks just like the game, complete with Bjorn the unicorn.  The trophy is constructed out of aluminum with a few accents of colored steel & it stands over 18 inches tall.    The tournament takes place this weekend; it's called Gamers for Giving and benefits a non-profit that helps get gaming consoles into hospitals for people who are recovering.   Pretty cool.
 I really had fun with the details; I have a weakness for sparkles & rhinestones--so it was fun to get to put them into the design.  I hope they like it as much as I do : )

Here are some looks into the build process
It all starts with a messy sketch of mine & then Josh gets to try & makes sense of it & put it into a CAD file; complete with all the layers & parts that we will need.

Parts are then cut on a CNC plasma table...

A quick clean up & the structural base of the trophy is welded together.

Then, every single piece gets cleaned & polished.  Some prepped for paint; others for patina, & some are left as is & get a clear coat to protect from scratches & oxidation.

Some of the accent pieces got a copper finish for an accent.

Once everything is colored & ready; we put it together to make sure the holes line up, & make any needed adjustments.  

During all this, I send the plaque design off to the engravers.  Once it's back, it's time for final assembly & adding in the little details like rhinestones & hardware : )
A quick photoshoot, & then it's off to FedEx for packing & shipping : )
We had a lot of fun with this one; I think it was a good idea to add in a bit of whimsical with all the industrial : )