Thursday, February 20, 2014

New Public Art Sculpture Installed tonight in Downtown Boise!

Last summer (when it was still warm, lol), I was asked to submit a proposal for a piece of public art to be a part of a new development in downtown Boise.  Hawkins Co. asked me to come up with something using some of the artifacts that were dug from the site; including old railroad tracks, horseshoes, gears, & misc steel pieces & parts.  Well,,,I came up with 3 designs (small to large) & they chose the middle-sized concept---I was hoping for the bigger one, but still thrilled: I knew this concept would be a good fit for the space : )  We installed the finished piece this evening....pretty cool for about 6 months from start to finish...
The finished piece was over 5000 lbs, 26 feet tall.  I used the railroad tracks as the main structure of the sculpture; cutting & welding them into this giant cup design.
This is part of the original proposal & concept design; we moved the center up a bit for structural integrity, as well increasing the footprint of the base : )

pretty close!

I will admit; I was a bit nervous to tip the whole thing over onto it's side for transport to downtown: but it went really well; we had a bit of stress on some of the longer tracks; the sculpture wanted to turn & rest on the long pieces when on it's side---I was really nervous about the weight pressing down; afraid it might buckle the panels in between the tracks.  But: everything held just fine; no issues & we added supports for transport, just encase.
After the piece was rested on it's side, supporting all the weight; I knew there was nothing to worry about; was biting my nails when they were letting it down, though!

And up it goes to get placed on the trailer; for the ride from Nampa to Boise...

lifting it off the trailer; a site in downtown!

Up & over the buildings: it loos so small up there, lol : )

But, it's not so small...

A little help to guide it into place over the bolts embedded in concrete; it dropped into place on the very first try: thanks to pre-planning & a good bolt/template system : )
A few finishing details had to be welded in place...

We finished within 2 hours of arriving on site; it was dark by the time we were adding the final details...
 I'm really happy with how this one turned out & super exited to have a large scale piece in downtown Boise.  We may be adding lights this summer; maybe solar would really enhance the look at night; hoping we can make it happen!  

Large scale projects like this are really fun & scary & thrilling & intimidating & crazy, all wrapped into one project.  I'm really grateful to have a team of people who are willing to step in & help make things happen; I couldn't do it without them : )  Honestly; I am good at coming up with concepts, but need help to bring the vision into reality...  I love the large scale of these projects, but I can't do it alone---thankfully, I have an amazing engineer, drafter, fabricators, & crane experts that help me make these crazy ideas live in reality : )
It was a long day; running from 6am until well after dark to make it happen, but well worth it.  Seeing the finished project in place is the best part : )  Check it out if you are in Boise; the corner of 6th & Front Street.