Thursday, January 16, 2014

More Trophies

Wow; has it really been a month since I last updated?  Sheesh...I'm a bad blogger : )
Actually, I 'm getting ready to give the blog/website a makeover & start posting a lot more; maybe even on a schedule...we'll see.

Anyway: just wanted to share the latest trophies that shipped out to Miami today (wish I could have gone with them)
These are for a big cross-fit competition called Wodapalooza.  We went with the kettlebell theme on the individual awards, & they requested a cup style trophy for the team awards.  I'm loving these cups!  They are about 20 inches tall, all aluminum & I think they came out great : )
We went with a weight plate inspired look for the base of all the trophies.
And the women's team cup got an extra special touch: this is actually one of the antique chandelier crystals I brought back from Italy: I couldn't resist--it added just a touch of bling.

We are starting off the New Year around here with a bang; been crazy busy since the holidays!  Part of it was being sick for a couple weeks; put me way behind on everything, but I'm almost caught up now.

Here's to the New Year & lots of new projects!