Friday, January 24, 2014

Hacker Trophy

Last year, I made a couple trophies for Major League Hacking & right before Christmas I was contacted again--requesting a big, crazy, perpetual trophy with all the bells & whistles. 
We shipped it out today : )
It's huge; like crazy huge; about 3 feet tall.  FedEx charged me for extra extra over sized, lol.
It's big, but pretty lightweight; it's all aluminum besides the colored steel accents.
The really cool part: David from the Reuseum helped me out with the lighting/wiring: on the inside of the cup is a little control box that can be wireless-ly controlled:  the hackers can hack the trophy--make the lights blink, add more lights, etc.  So cool!  Totally beyond my skills, but I think they will have fun with it : )
Winners from each season will get a custom plaque added to the trophy, plus the rights to hack the lighting system however they want to : )  Pretty cool...
We also made custom medallions for each tournament; with a bit of imagery from the big trophy.
Too much fun; the medals are 3.5 inches wide with custom printed ribbons.

I've been having so much fun designing & putting together these custom trophies!  They have really taken over; been doing at least 2 sets a week for a while now : )  In the works right now; a custom trophy for Peggle2, some for Cisco, & maybe a run for AFLAC--might even be making duck trophies, lol : )  It's like making tiny sculptures--each unique & special--I hope the orders keep coming in; so far we are starting out the New Year running full speed!

More to come...