Friday, December 6, 2013

Quick Update

Just wanted to share the latest trophy design : )  These were presented tonight at the Idaho AGC annual convention.
I think this is the 6th year I have created trophies for this event--and this might very well be my favorite design yet : )  Made of steel, copper, aluminum & acrylic; they stand about 13 inches tall. 

On the schedule for next week; some really cool motocross trophies, a big order for Christian music awards, & a special custom commission for a large wall piece & house number--pics to come.  Oooh; & the big project that is going to be installed in downtown Boise--we are delayed a bit due to the cold weather; but hoping to make some good progress next week & maybe even install on the weekend!  

Happy weekend; stay warm out there--it's supposed to be 1 tomorrow night; sheesh!  So far, the bird herd is doing fine, but I do worry about them in the extreme cold--might break down & put a heat lamp in tomorrow...we'll see.