Thursday, November 7, 2013

RIP Frooster...

A few days ago, we noticed that the Frooster (the frizzled roo) was acting funny; not moving around & being all spastic like normal chicken behavior.  Since he was moving slow; it was easy to catch him & bring him inside where it was warm; obviously he was not feeling like his indignant rooster-ish self; so we decided to keep him inside--away from the other chickens in a dry, warm spot.
Well; he stayed the same for a couple days; lethargic, not wanting food, but drinking water--we gave him electrolytes & every natural remedy  I could find on the internet & even tried antibiotics when nothing else worked.  He seemed to perk up on the 3rd morning, but by afternoon was way worse---he passed with a final indignant flapping of his frizzled wings; warm & cozy in Josh's arms.  We both had tears in our eyes; even knowing that he had a very happy life; free-ranging from the moment he was a tiny puffball out of the nest; spending his days chasing bugs; & in the last few weeks: the hens ; )  
Chickens are fragile & I know this from experience; but it's still hard when a favorite is taken, seemingly out of the blue.  He was a good roo; & very sweet & friendly; we buried him with lots of fall flowers under the new butterfly bush by the fence.

Looking forward to the spring hatch; maybe we will get another frizzled roo with gold tipped feathers.  For now; working on winterizing & keeping everyone warm for the winter : )