Sunday, November 3, 2013

And; the Next Big One...Public Art in Boise

A couple months ago, I received a call from Hawkins Companies; a commercial development company here in Boise.  They asked me to come up with a proposal for a piece of public art for a new development in downtown Boise---using some artifacts that were pulled from the site; including some railroad tracks....
And, so I did----this is what we are building; it's going to be about 26 feet tall & will be installed on the corner of 6th & Myrtle.  Pretty cool!  I'm excited to see this one go in; the bolts are already in place: the sculpture will go in a courtyard between 2 buildings.   A few of the panels will include laser engraved history of the site, some of the architectural details of past buildings that stood on the site, & the names of those involved in this project.
We are starting fabrication tomorrow morning; hoping to put in a couple weeks  & get it done; hopefully I'll be calling ICS Cranes later this week to schedule a pick up & install : )

More pics to come; this is going to be quite the project!