Saturday, October 19, 2013

Trophies, Bouquets, Special Projects; what a week!

Just a quick update; as this is the 3rd night in a row I've been up till after 1 am, lol :)
I've been working on a super-secret special project that I'm really excited about: but I can't share just yet...lets just say it involves blue lights, metal (of course), some long hours, & some crazy creative ideas & collaborations.  All the details & pics next week ; )
For now; a look at the trophies we just shipped out; over 50 to a global development & real-estate company; this is the 2nd year they have had me make their awards for just one of the divisions of the company.
Love the way these came out; they are made from aluminum, the larger awards have a panel of rainbow colored steel; very pretty.  I like the simple, classy feel of these trophies.  I'm hoping they like them as much as I do ; )
Loving the contrast of the colored steel against the polished aluminum; the color is really vibrant in real life. 

More updates to come; can't wait to share pics of my super secret special project!