Friday, October 25, 2013

StarCraft WCS Finals Trophy-- with LED lights!

That Super-Secret project I mentioned last week....well, I finally get to share!  The tournament started today in front of a global audience; both in attendance & through a live video stream; we have seen quite a few peeks at the trophy; sitting in front of the stage for all to see : )
Sooooooo.....I got a message from Shawn at Blizzard Entertainment on Facebook a few weeks ago (when I saw Blizzard &, I about fell out of my chair)  He wanted to know if we could create a trophy for the StarCraft WCS Finals; to be given away in Toronto at the big event.
-Uh, hells yes, we can do that!-
Sooo, I came up with a concept for a big, dimensional trophy, with built in LED lighting (after looking at past awards & seeing how the tournament finals worked, I so wanted to make the trophy have it's own lights! The venue is dimly lit for gameplay)
And this is what it looked like when we finished up.  Over 35 inches tall, layered metals, with a custom acrylic/graphic plaque, & lots of blue LED lighting for a very cool glow effect: just like on the game start-up menus.
With all the lights off; this is what it looks like : )  The trophy can run on a small battery pack (for the event; can be picked up & carried around) and for long term display can be plugged into the wall, just like a lamp.   The winner will be able to display it in his home/office with the lights glowing all the time--so cool!
Thanks so much to Dave at the Reuseam for making this happen; I would not have been able to do this without you!  We made this trophy in a hurry & the LED lighting was an idea I had never tried before; so I send Dave a message, knowing he is an expert in this type of thing & he was happy to help out & be involved in the project : )  Hoping we can collaborate on some future projects; I was definitely looking over their 3-D printed parts..ooooh, the possibilities!
 Anyway; the LED lighting came out perfect; adding just enough effect to make the trophy really reflect the game.    OMG: now I'm thinking of adding lights to more projects, lol.  Too much fun!
 This one was really one for the books; & I'm so amazed & thrilled to have been a part of it!  I still can't quite believe that we created a trophy for Blizzard; one of the largest gaming companies in the world!  And it was fun; even though we were up till 2 am a few nights in a row to get it all worked out & functioning perfectly, lol: it was so worth it!  

The tournament goes on all weekend; you can follow along with live gameplay at:

I'm so grateful to those who helped out; Dave at the Reuseam for the wiring & making the lights work, Ray at Rogue Design Syndicate for the perfect plaque graphics, the Sign Center for getting everything printed & ready for us in a hurry, & Josh for taking my messy drawing & making it into a real plan for a functioning design.