Friday, October 4, 2013

Comedy for a Cure Award

I was commissioned by Comedy 4a Cure to create a very special award for one of the top supporters of the event; we delivered the finished piece this afternoon & it was presented at the big event this evening : )
It's funny; the recipient of the award has actually talked to me about commisioning custom awards for his own company;  so I really hope he likes the design I came up with for his award :)

The main structural components were made from polished aluminum, with a layer of steel--treated with a rainbow effect, & then topped with custom engraved acrylic.  I am loving the final look; I could not be happier with the way the rainbow effect came out (it's a bit of a gamble; as it reacts with the metal however it wants...) 

The color came out beautifully, & I'm happy with the overall look of the award; I was nervous that the wings would over-power the whole award, but I think they came out just right

We have lots of trophies in the works; more on that later & lots of metal wedding bouquets to make this weekend.  OMG: so busy all of a sudden; it's great, but a bit stressful at the same time, lol. 

Looking forward to a new big machine in the shop; should speed up the trophy making & other projects as well!  So excited---the shop is in chaos right now; making room for it, but it will be worth it : )

Loving the fall weather; today I worked in the shop with both big doors open; the ducks came & visited, but I had to chase the chickens & geese out--they want to be inside & get in the way, lol :)

This is going to be working weekend; we have so many orders that I'm afraid we won't be able to keep up!  But that's a good problem, right?  That's what I keep hearing anyway, lol : ) 

Happy Autumn!
More updates to come; some big news!!