Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wedding Photo Shoot; Metal Bouquet & Centerpiece by Refinerii

I recently received a custom request on my Etsy shop for a 2 foot tall wedding bouquet...  At first, I was thinking: 'this must be for a drag queen or something like that--(awesome!)  Come to find out; still awesome; it was for a photo shoot & they wanted a bouquet-like piece for a table centerpiece...
I just got some of the pics & wanted to share : )  I made the metal centerpiece & the bridal bouquet; just the metal frame; if this was my project: I would have added tons more bling; but that's just me.  I still think both pieces look great in the photos : )
The centerpiece was about 22 inches tall; I had to make a base twice as big as I normally make for bouquets, lol---but I think it really looks nice : )
The bridal bouquet looks  lovely; a nice alternative to flowers, while still remaining feminine, elegant, & sophisticated : )
I think I'm going to have to add the centerpiece option to my Etsy shop; what a nice way to tie everything together :)