Monday, September 2, 2013

Hyde Park Curb Affair Trophy in Progress...

This trophy was commissioned for a new event in Boise; the Hyde Park Curb Affair---a showcase of performance & chalk art; happening in conjunction with the Hyde Park Street Fair.
Keep in mind, the photos are just sneeky-peeks: there is a lot more fun stuffs to add, this is just the beginning.
For this trophy; I wanted to go completely different; with lots of antiques & artifacts--so far I have galvanized tin, bronze, aluminum, copper, stainless, steel, silver & brass... To be honest; this one has been challenging already, & I still have a long way to go...  Joining together all these different elements is crazy; I have had to redo things 3 times already to make it work; some welding, nuts, bolts, rivets, drilling, polishing, scratching my head is dismay, etc... lol
But, I know it will all come together eventually---I have plans for adding some wings, crystals, full color graphics & more: the thing is already over 2 feet tall & probably will grow over the next week :)
These organic/assemblage pieces are interesting; to say the least...  the amount of tools I have had to dig out just to get it this far is amazing, lol... as you can see--my work table is full of stuff---lots of hunting for just the right piece to make it a bit taller, add a color, etc.  
 These sort of pieces really are an experiment: I have had to take the thing apart & put it back together to get it right so many times, lol.  Re-welding, re-bolting, re-drilling; because it didn't go together quite right: but it's all part of the process--I'm happy with where it is right now: tomorrow I will begin experimenting again :)

I wonder what it will really look like when it's done?  We shall see...