Thursday, September 26, 2013

Custom Metal Trophies: lots of orders!

Wow!  I have had a lot of orders come in for custom trophies the last couple weeks.  We just finished up "round one" & have lots more to go--not complaining; trophies are a lot of fun & each project is unique; I love being able to create something spectacular for special events.
This set of three was shipped out today; going all the way to Nantucket Island!  Made from steel, copper, & aluminum; we did a wave pattern on top with a rainbow finish to the metal, along with the custom engraved copper plaques.  Love how these came out :)

 Also shipped out this week; custom motorcycle awards : )  We did a stylized sprocket design with custom engraved acrylic plaques.  The 2 larger trophies got a base made out of recycled pieces & parts, including gears, bearings, pistons, & more.... I think these are really cool: they will be presented next week to the top rider/motorcycle/motorcycle design of the year; I hope they like them!

On the list for the next few weeks; Strongman/Women awards going to Peru, a big order for a commercial development company,  possibly some robot trophies, & a horror film festival.

Plus, Comedy for a Cure; here is Boise.  I can't give details yet, but will be making something really special!

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